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September 18/2014

It has been awhile since we updated the fishing report. It has been a pretty good summer for fishing. We did not experience the normal late summer lull but then we did not have the normal hot weather either. It did slow down in mid August for a couple of weeks but the reports that we have heard the past week indicates that it has really picked back up. Reports of limits in the 17 to 19 inch range and with a good bite going on too. Fishermen are also reporting the fish are aggressively biting and that they are full of small chad when they clean them. 

Again, fall is normally a good time for fishing. The fish are more aggressive and the sizes are normally larger as well. 

Make plans now for that last fishing trip of the year. Give us a call to make your reservations today. 

The Tourism Committee's Ice tourney is full. They will be broadcasting the lottery drawing live from the Wrangler Inn's Windjammer Lounge on October 15 at 7pm.  There will be prizes and specials offered that evening if you would like to stop by for the drawing. If you can not make it, you can watch it live on www.mobridgeoutdoors.com. 


Fall fishing is normally a good time to catch nice sized fish.  Most people in the area are Pheasant hunting, some hunt & fish or just fish, with good success at both.  One fisherman had really good success. In October of 2012, local fisherman Steve Rowe went out by himself and caught his limit in just over a couple of hours with his over 20" fish being a big 8 1/2 pound Walleye.  Just to show that he knew what he was doing, Steve went out again on Sunday and brought in another limit with this time his over 20" was a 31 inch, 9 lb. Walleye. He then had time to go hunting in the afternoon each day. We had the last fish mounted and it is hanging in the Windjammer.

For a complete fishing report on whole Missouri River system in SD, check out the SD Missouri River Tourism Associations web site (formally known as the Great Lakes Association)


Who says all the big Walleyes are gone in Lake Oahe at Mobridge???? 

This 9 pound 30"  Walleye was caught on November 6th, 2009 just north of Mobridge along the west side of Lake Oahe in the Cuthead area. It was caught in approximately 40 foot of water using a 1/2 ounce bottom bouncer with a spinner.  It was a cool day, about 50 degrees and not much wind. A great day for fall fishing.  So just to dispel the rumors, we are still one of the best places to catch walleye and to have a great time doing it. Make your plans now to visit Mobridge next spring, summer & fall for your chance at that BIG WALLEYE.

Great Access, Great Fishing, Great Hospitality, Great Accommodations, Great Staff, What more is there?

Give us a call now and make plans to visit us. 

Check our web site or give us a call on our toll free number, 888-884-3641, and we will give you the current update. 

Walleye limits have changed this year to 4 per day of which one can be over 20" and 8 in possession.

Make plans now to head out to Lake Oahe at Mobridge and enjoy a great experience fishing.

Log on or give us a call on our toll free number as we will update this report with changing conditions throughout the winter.

You will have a great experience at the Wrangler Inn & Windjammer Sports Bar.


Wrangler Inn

Mobridge, located on the shores of Lake Oahe, is known as one of the top walleye fishing areas in the nation.  In addition, anglers will find trophy northern pike and an abundance of white bass, catfish and other game fish.

In the spring, Mobridge is the best location on the entire Oahe Reservoir for landing rainbow smelt during their annual spawning run.  Smelt fishermen come from all over the Upper Great Plains to haul in literally gallons of the tasty little fish.  The state has also added Chinook Salmon to Lake Oahe, and the Mobridge area is one of the hot spots during early fall spawning run.  Summer or Winter, fishing is fun in the Mobridge area because Lake Oahe provides room for you to fish miles from any other fishermen.

For more fishing information please feel free to visit www.state.sd.us/gfp


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